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We build higher order Computational Thinking abilities and Python Coding skills aimed at kids as young as 10 years.

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Why Abhyasu?

Abhyasu classes are taught by faculty experienced in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. We offer personalized attention and make your kids future-ready. Recommended for 10+ year old kids.



We focus on the fundamentals of Computing and AI. We teach Python, the most popular language for AI. Our success is defined by how much our students understand the foundational constructs rather than the number of flashy apps they build.



Our classes are designed by alumni of IIT and Stanford University, with 20+ years experience in companies like Amazon, Lyft, Yahoo. We hold 20+ patents in the areas of Computer Science, Distributed Systems and Artificial Intelligence.



Our batch sizes are small with a maximum of 5 students assigned to a teacher. We believe that the best learning happens with a blend of personalization and collaboration. Challenging assignments and homework solidify the student's understanding.

What we teach


Each of our courses run for a 6 week duration with 2-hour live sessions every week with our instructors.

Python Basics

Learn the basics of Python, the most popular language for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Learn variables, assignment statements, for and while loops, and if-else statements.

  • 12 hour live instruction
  • Code independently on python
  • 1 capstone project
  • 12+ programming assignments

Python Advanced

Advanced topics in Python such as dictionaries, modules, file inputs and outputs. Learn Object-Oriented Programming. Code like professionals using exceptions and error handling.

  • 12 hour live instruction
  • Files, modules, Object-Oriented Programming
  • 1 capstone project
  • 12+ programming assignments

Algorithms Basics

The foundations of Computer Science are based in various data structures such as Stack, Queue, Linked lists and Trees. Get an overview of these data structures, which is necessary for subsequent courses on Algorithms and AI.

  • 12 hour live instruction
  • Computer science data structures
  • 1 capstone project
  • 12+ programming assignments

Introduction to AI and ML

21st century innovations will primarily be built on the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Learn how to build AI and ML applications in Python. Students build their own Alexa-like applications that respond to voice commands.

  • 12 hour live instruction
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • 1 capstone project
  • 12+ programming assignments

What parents are saying


Abhyasu python basic training was worth the every penny for me and more than that for my daughter. The most important thing for the next generation is AI and the skillset they will acquire in coding. At some point in your professional life, you have to code. Most of the manual tasks will be taken over by AI in the future. It’s inevitable for our children to acquire programming skills without any fear of coding and this training is so useful to demystify the rules and methods in such a kid friendly manner. I would definitely recommend this course as it gives lots of self confidence in the younger age and my daughter just enjoyed all the sessions.

Ashish J.

Sr. manager, fiat chrysler automobiles

My 11-year old daughter loved the basic Python programming class. Vinay was very friendly and approachable, making it easy for her to interact openly and easily with him. She thoroughly enjoyed the course and it cleared her mental block towards programming. The course itself was very well structured with regular homeworks and updates to parents. Vinay also made sure to include stories of inspiring people in this field. Overall, an awesome education experience for my daughter.

Sandhya K.

Ex-Software Engineer, Facebook

How much would you pay

Course Fees

Our course fees are fixed at INR 7200 per course (taxes included) for
the Indian subcontinent, and USD 240 for the rest of the World.

Refund Policy: You get a 100% prorated refund, no questions asked, if you are unsatisfied with the course for any reason.


We only have limited seats. Contact or WhatsApp on +91-9075190750 to know more.

The team behind Abhyasu

About Us

Abhyasu was created by a team with 20+ years of experience in the field of Computer Science, Distributed Systems, and Artificial Intelligence to bring the joys of coding to young kids. We saw that the way coding was taught to kids was making kids run away from coding. We have developed a holistic way of helping kids learn coding via a focus on the more important skill of Computational Thinking.

Vinay Kakade

Founder and ceo

MS in Computer Science from Stanford University. 20+ years experience in Silicon Valley companies such as Amazon, Yahoo, Lyft. Member of the Board of Studies of the College of Engineering, Pune. 10+ patents.

Omkar Deshpande


PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University. BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Delhi. Founder of The Young Socratics. Head of Curriculum at Interview Kickstart, USA.

Ashish Gawali


MS in Computer Science from BITS Pilani. Alumni of IIM Bangalore. 20+ years extensive experience at Symantec, Veritas and Vuclip. Founder of IOPhysics Systems. 12+ patents in Computer Software.

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